Frequently Asked Questions


Am I going to get hurt?

       Absolutly not!!! Before any member can participate they are required to go through one on one instruction with the trainer.  You are taught proper technique and form to throw punches and kicks.  You will also be taught how to properly wrap your hands.  This is essential to protect your hands and wrists.  We use 16 ounce boxing gloves in addition to the wraps, no exceptions.  It is important to use this equipment as it offers you the most protection.  Your first class will be slow and about learning form.  Progressively you will improve with each class and your fitness level will increase.   Arrive FIFTEEN minutes before your first class for instruction.  NO FIRST TIMERS AT THE 6 o'clock CLASS.


Will I be the only girl?

      FIT Kickboxing is over 80% female.  We have both men and women of all ages, ranging from 13 to 65.  Don't be intimidated, everyone is very nice and helpful.  


Will I lose weight?

           YES!!! However, showing up is step one and only half the battle.  With proper nutrition (nothing crazy) you will not only lose weight but increase your cardio and tone muscles.  It is a healthy, fun and safe workout for all levels.


Will I get bulky?

        NO, you will tighten and tone but not bulk up.  


Is there AC?

     No, but we are a commercial facility with large fans and an open bay.  With concrete floors we keep the temp pretty cool.  


Do you have to buy equipment?

     No, we have school equipment you can use until you decide to purchase your own.  We also have start up promotions often that include gear packages.  Gloves and wraps should last a year or more.  If you so choose to, we have equipment upgrades as well.  Typically members choose to do this after their first year.   Gloves (14-18 oz) and wraps are required, no exceptions.  Ankle socks, mouthguards, sparring gear, and padded wraps are available as well.  


What should I wear?

      Wear clothes that allow you to be active and move freely.  Wear shoes but you will see many members wearing ankle socks.  If you are comfortable you may choose this option as well, it promotes balance.  We recommend tying your hair back to keep it out of your way.  


Is there a contract?  When is tuition due?

           We do not require a contract.  Our tuition is due at the first of each month and is late after the 7th.  $10 late fee unless arrangements have been made with the owner.  We like to keep open communication with all of our members and understand when life happens.


Is the class canceled if only one member shows up?

       NO!! If you are the only member take advantage of your own one on one mitt class.  A great opportunity to have a private lesson at no additional charge.  You also get to hit the instructor, which is really fun.